Thursday Night Competition

If you find it difficult to find the time to play during the day, on weekends or you’re looking to avoid the sun, our night comps could be just the tennis activity you’re looking for. The comps are internal so no travel to other clubs involved; play starts at 7pm sharp with drinks, nibbles and a chin wag afterwards.

Night competition tennis is available to members and non-members with non-members required to pay a visitors fee in addition to the comp fee. For further information please contact the Pro Shop or the Head Coach.

Thursday Night A Grade

Requirements & Fees

  • A and high B grade players (if you are not sure what level you play, please contact us for more info).
  • Thursday nights from 6.45
  • Matches played are 2 x doubles 1 x singles, best of 12 games
  • Teams of 4 players
  • 14/week seasons

More Information

  • Food supplied and drinks available from our cafe and bar after matches each week
  • Members and Non Members welcome
  • Mixed teams
  • Cost is $105/season for members
  • Cost is $105/season for non members plus a $10/guest fee each week

Team Scores

week 1week 2week 3week 4week 5week 6week 7week 8week 9week 10week 11week 12SEMIFINAL
Teams TOTAL13/2/2020/2/2027/2/205/3/2012/3/2019/3/2026/3/202/4/2023/4/2030/3/207/5/2014/5/2021/5/2028/5/20
Team TOD (5)

Doug R
Steve S
Bridie R
Aaron S

David Mc
Ian H
Cyle M
Matt S
Team PEST (1)

Flynn S
Shaw K
Mark J
Dan G
Team RSL (3)

Jeremiah J
Michael T
Martin B
Pat C
Team ASPIRE (6)

Sven R
Ben J
Steve G
San B
Team GLOBAL (7)

Nathan T
Wes V
Brent P
Jason C
Team MELROSE (2)

Tristan M
Mark S
Brent PL
Dean J

Individual Scores

week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
week 5
week 6
week 7
week 8
week 9
week 10
week 11
week 12
MVP PointsTotal13/2/2020/2/2027/2/205/3/2012/3/2019/3/2026/3/202/4/2023/4/2030/3/207/5/2014/5/2021/5/2028/5/20
Steve S80323
Ian H6.50.5222
Sven R62310
Shaw K63030
David Mc60330
Jason C63102
Steve G60123
Tristan Mc53200
Doug R50230
Flynn S32010
Cyle M30003
Sam B22000
Brent PL21010
Jeremiah J21001
Bridie R20002
Michael T10100
Aaron S10001
Ben J10001
Brent P0.50.5000
Dan G00000
Dean J00000
Jack G00000
Mark J00000
Mark S00000
Matt S00000
Nathan T00000
Pat C00000
Wes V00000
Martin B00000